Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase West products?
Contact West Window Corporation from this website. Please give us your name, address and   telephone number and we will have someone contact you.

Can your windows be custom fitted?
All our windows can be built to fit your individual new or existing openings. Most replacement jobs are done with little or no changes to your existing interior trim.

In what sizes are West Windows available?
All our windows are custom built to order and are available in almost ANY reasonable size.

What is the difference between Double and Single Hung?
On single hung windows, the top glass is fixed while the bottom glass operates up and down and tilts in for easy cleaning from inside the home.

On double hung windows, both top and bottom sashes operate up and down and also tilt in for easy cleaning.

Why do I need Low-E2 glass?
The special color - neutral coating on Low-E2 glass minimizes heat flow so in winter, more heat stays inside where you need it to keep warm, and in summer it helps keep heat outside so you can cut your cooling cost.

Some other advantages include:

•  UV protection reduces early fading of fabrics.

•  Increased resistance to condensation

What colors can I get windows in?

Vinyl Windows:

Aluminum Windows:
     Clear Anodized on selected models

Custom Color Available - Contact Us

What does Thermally Broken Aluminum mean?
Thermally Broken AluminumThis photo clearly shows the importance of our thermal barrier. We set our West-Prime Thermal Window frame and an ordinary aluminum window frame on extremely cold dry ice to illustrate how cold is transferred through the frame. Notice that the ordinary aluminum window frame, shown on the left, is completely covered with frost. Now look at the West-Prime Thermal Window Frame on the right. Our thermal barrier resists the transfer of cold from the outside to the inside of the frame. And, of course, the same thermal barrier slows the transfer of heat in summer.