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New construction window shown with nailing fin. Replacement windows do not have a nailing fin

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Glass so smart, it can control the comfort of your home...

LoĒ²-270 - Glass

LoĒ²-240 - Glass

LoĒ²-366 - Glass

Westview™ - For Replacement or New Construction

Nothing adds style and flair to your home like the WestView...

    An Impressive List of Standard Features:
  • Independently Tested and Certified Single C-C50 or Twin C-LC40
  • Full one-inch insulated glass for improved thermal performance and reduction of sound transmission through the window.
  • Two compression seals plus one-fin-seal weatherstrip around the perimeter of the sash for a tight, energy saving seal between the sash and frame.
  • Multi-point locking mechanism pulls the sash into the frame where it is securely latched by a single easy-to-operate lock handle at the bottom of the window - no more hard-to-reach top mounted handles.
  • Special "washability" hinge allows you to clean your WestView Casement windows safely from inside the home (unless egress hinges are installed). Sash opens to 90 degrees for maximum ventilation.
  • All hinges and locking mechanisms are concealed for a clean look.
This United States Post Office in Norton, VA was constructed in 1916. The Windows were recently replaced with WestView Casements.

More Westview™ Standard Features:

  • Frame and sash are constructed of multi-cavity vinyl extrusions that will not peel, chip, rust, or fade, and are fusion welded for strength and long service life.
  • E-card coated hinges have stainless steel track, heavy gauge steel arms, brass stud, and stainless steel reinforced slider for years of trouble-free operation.
  • Operator handle and cover are streamlined to minimize interference with window treatments such as blinds and drapery.
  • Multiple section casements, awning window, and matching picture windows are available in new construction as well as replacement configurations.
  • Additional standard features include a beveled sash design, frame receiver grooves for snap-on accessories, and an optional interior mounted screen.

WestView Casement Optional Features:

  • Many glass options, Argon gas filled insulated glass
  • Several screen wire options are available including:
    (Dark aluminum, dark fiberglass, Aluminum wire is standard)
  • Colonial, Squared Diamond, and Contoured grids between the glass
  • Egress hinges
  • Special shaped fixed picture windows
  • Medium Oak Woodgrain Laminate interior
  • Numerous snap-on accessories, including:
    • Exterior J-Channel for siding application
    • Exterior Brickmold and Bottom Cover
    • Mullion for multiple window installation
    • Interior Sheetrock Return Receiver
    • Interior Wood Return Receiver
    • Interior Frame Extensions available for several common wall thicknesses
    • Vinyl face fin for exterior overlap installation

WestView Casement windows are a great choice to add flair to bath and kitchen.
The bottom mounted operator handle lets you open the window more easily, without the usual climbing and stretching, making them ideal for use over bathroom tubs and kitchen counters.

Enjoyable Comfort and Savings
One-Inch insulated glass and multi-cavity vinyl frames combine to reduce outside noise invading the home through the windows, making the inside your home much more relaxing and enjoyable.

A Fresh Contemporary Look
The WestView Casement's versatility allows it to be used with many styles of homes, creating a fresh new contemporary look.

WestView Casements are the perfect solution to many hard-to-solve window situations, shown here transforming a patio area into a bright, beautiful living space.

The WestView Casement uses operator and hinge hardware that was developed to work together, resulting in a significant reduction in torque required to turn the operator handle, making the West-View Casement smooth operating and easy to open and close. All the operating hardware is coated in a multi-stage process that makes it resistant to corrosion, which has been shown to be approximately three times better than common zinc plated finishes.

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West Windows are custom made with the latest Warm Edge Technology - Super Spacer® - the world's only 100% foam, NO-Metal Warm Edge spacing system. Super Spacer® blocks the heat escape path, reduces the risk of condensation, retains optional gas between the panes, and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry.

9/16" Flat Grids 11/16" Contour Grids 1" Contour Grids

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// West vinyl windows are independently tested for structural strength, air infiltration resistance, water management performance, and forced entry resistance. In addition to these rigorous AAMA tests, West Window voluntarily certifies its products with a third party agency, National Accreditation and Management Institute, to assure the consumer that the windows they purchase are constructed to the same high standards to which they were tested.